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Fresh Up Merlot semidry sparkling

40 MDL
45  MDL

по Кишиневу 30 MDL
по Молдове нет

Rose semidry wine, made from selected grapes, cultivated in viticultural area Valul lui Traian. The wines from this collection differ by its freshness and drinkability. 

Sometimes you just want to relax and soar over everything with a glass of fresh, crisp, aromatic wine!

 It is easy and simple to do with wines from the Fresh Up series, in which the lightest and most light wines are selected for a pleasant stay with friends.

Sugar: 4,1-18 g/dm

Alcohol: 13 %

Color: rose

Aroma: strawberry, dogwood, peach, apricot

Taste: pleasant sweetness and fresh acidity

Vintage: 2018

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