Комрат, ул. Винзаводская, 1
Monday - Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00

Weekend cu Vinuri de Comrat

250 MDL
300  MDL

по Кишиневу 30 MDL
по Молдове нет

History of the winery, cellars, production department, old cellars of 1895, museum and Wine Manor.

During excursion you can receive the answers to all your questions about the process of winemaking, wine aging and important tips regarding the wine choice.

Tasting 5 Wines:

• Folklore Sauvignon
• Rose de Comrat
• Detox Cabernet- Sauvignon
• Folclor Feteasca Neagra-
Rara neagra
• 98 Hectares Saperavi

• Mineral water
• Snacks